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How To Grow Your Own Chillies – Part 1 …

Even in the dark days of winter you can make a start on your garden by growing your own chillies.
If you haven’t already planted your chillies, now is the best time to start it, as chillies need a fairly long growing season.

If you’re a regular reader of my last blog, you will remember that I was lucky enough to be chosen as ‘Wahaca’s Chilli Growing Guru’ and that I posted videos giving growing tips on their website.

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Pappy Birthday To You …

This year is the 55th birthday of the introduction of ‘Chorleywood Bread Process’ which completely changed how the majority of bread is made in this country, and left us with the tasteless pap that the majority of people buy in the UK today.

It is certainly not a birthday I will be celebrating, and here are the reasons why.

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