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Cioccolandia – A Festival Of Chocolate …

Cioccolandia – A Festival Of Chocolate …

One of the many things I love about Italy is that there seems to a food festival almost every week. So, when I spotted a festival celebrating chocolate just down the road from me, I all but packed my tent so I could be first in the queue.

Once a year the town of Castel San Giovanni transforms to be a chocolate lover’s delight.

Every part of the town is lined with artisan chocolatiers and pastry chefs from every region of Italy, offering numerous sweet creations made of chocolate. Along with the delicious truffles, nougat, macaroons and chocolate dipped glace fruits, you could also pick up any household object you wanted, provided you wanted it made of chocolate!

The festival lasted all day and culminated in the ceremonial cutting of the world’s longest chocolate salami measuring 350 metres, which was then distributed for free.

If you still hadn’t had your fill, you could then head over to the mountain of 25,000 profiteroles for a free helping, taking in a large portion from the mountain of 4,000 meringues on the way.

You may be putting inches back on my stomach Italy, but I love you for it!

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